One Space (up to 55 SQ Feet

One Space (up to 55 SQ Feet

125.00 175.00

I will guide you as you being to organize and declutter (if you choose) your home. A virtual service plan for a small space is a great place for you to discover the power of getting and staying organized. You will be able to work at your own pace while still having that extra push to get the job done. 

(Gainesville, FL and surrounding areas may contact me for in person organization services)

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What you will receive:

  • 30-minute initial assessment
  • detailed plan of action
  • to buy or purpose list (additional charge for to shop for you - plus cost of items bought)  
  • Unlimited email support for 30-days about area
  • follow-up 30-minute assessment after 1 week 
  • Final follow-up 30-minute assessment to be completed 35-days after start date


  • Space can be no larger than 55 square feet (Bathroom, small/apartment size kitchen (not including fridge), laundry room, entry way, etc.) 
  • All payments are required up front
  • All payments should be made through PayPal