Organizing Packages & Rates 

Imitation life offers many purchasing options including hourly rates, first time  clients, and package rates. All sessions come with a FREE 30-minute phone consultation. The phone consultation is to help determine if you and I will make a good team to tackle your needs.  During the Free phone consultation we will discuss the best package option for your needs. 

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Hourly Rate 

$45.00 an hour minimum 3-hour purchase requirement 


Composed Home

$240.00 a 6-hour package great for tacking those small to medium size projects. Hours may be done in two 3-hour sessions or one 6-hour session.


Tranquil Home

$480.00 a 12-hour package prefect for offices and large to extra large projects. Hours may be done in four 3-hour sessions or two 6-hour session.


Calendar and Meal Plans 

$50 to $100 one month for meal planning, one month calendar setup, and up to 3 list of your choice. Up to 4 family members.

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First Time Clients 

$140.00 a 4-hour package for first time clients. A great introductory session to see how a professional can help turn your chaos into calm .  

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Serene Home

$360.00 for a  9-hour package. The package is geared for those with medium to large sized projects. Hours may be done in three 3-hour sessions or one 6-hour session and one 3-hour session.


Virtually Organized

Price starting at $30 an hour. You must internet access from your home or office for this service.  






The Full Year 

$950.00 a year for monthly meal plans, shopping list, to do list, age apporiate chore list, cleaning check list, calendar setup, and 2 extra list a month. Up to 4 family members.