Summer Special


4-Hour Session for $140.00.

A great way to help you relax everyday of the week not just for one Day!

The package includes:

  1. A free phone consultation with you,

  2. A plan of action for three stressful areas in the home

  3. 4-hours of an in home visit where I will help you declutter or organize a small space. 


Steps To An Organized Home & Life 


Find & Hire

- Do your research and find the the best professional for you and your household. 

- Contact Us and provide details about what areas of your home or office you would like help in.


Phone Consultant & Quote

- Talk with us today. The best way for you and I to decide if we would make a great team to tackle your organizational needs is to talk about what you are looking for exactly out of the services you are requesting. 

- Review the invoice. Always communicate to Imitation Life if you feel the time quoted is to little or to much. We want you to feel comfortable and confidant with your purchase. 


Set the Date & Prepare


- Make organizing and decluttering a priority. Set a date that works best for you. The first session is always a 4-hour and one organizer initial visit. Visit Page for more details

- Do not go through and clean before the organizer arrives. Remember the organizer is there to help prevent clutter and disorganization. IF the house is straighten before they arrive they might not offer the best suggestion for your possible needs.

- If we will be looking at the kitchen do try to have all dishes out of the dishwasher and put where you normal would put them. This allows the professional to see exactly how much you have in each cabinet. 


During & After Session

- Decide if you would like to work along side the organizer or come in after and learn best practice for keeping your home organized and clutter free. 

- Ask questions, let the professional organizer know if you feel something will not work for you.

- Get the family or staff involved by showing and letting them know what you except after your professional organizer has left. 

- Feel free to reach back out if you are having trouble maintaining. There are many different types of organizing methods that we can try!

A few Specialty Areas of Service

In Person Services

Kitchen Organization 

Pantry Organization


Closets Organization

Kids Bedroom / Playroom

Master Bedroom / Other Bedroom

Home Office / Craft Room Organization

Business Office ORGANIZATION

Virtual Services

Picture Organization

Paperwork Only

Monthly Life Planning & Meal Planning

Vacation Organization

Declutter/ Purging