Hidden Storage

Hidden Storage

Does anyone else love storage items that also double as something else? Well I do. They provide so much versatility in your home. For this Sunday’s blog, I thought I’d share a few hidden storage ideas with y’all. Some I have used myself and love and others are items I want to try myself.

Hidden storage is great for many different living situations and family lifestyles.

Minimalist can eliminate unneeded baskets and other containers by opting for hidden storage furniture and décor. The furniture and décor will have a greater value, because they will be providing more than one function in your home.

A memory Molly is someone who likes to hold on to many items they have collected throughout their life, because it helps hold a memory for them. This personality type tends to have a lot of items that are tucked away in boxes, but are easy to reach. This way they can relive the memory any time they want to go through the box. By having a few hidden storage items around your house, you may eliminate the unsightly boxes and free up some space in your closets.

Anyone in between the two earlier mentioned personality types can also benefit by adding a few useful items to their homes. By taking some of the same concepts from both the minimalist and the memory Molly personality types you can create a perfectly balanced home.

Window Sill Hidden Drawer

This is such an amazing idea, but it does look like it is only a DIY. I did try and find a place that sold or installed this idea, but was unsuccessful. I do know when my family gets our house I will be getting my S.O. to maybe install a few of these. When that happens, I will try to do a DIY post about the project for y’all.

I would love to have one of these in a kitchen window. I believe it would be the prefect place to store your dish rags and extra sponges. I would not put anything wet inside the window sill, but for your extra products it would be great. This way you do not have to store these items under the sink or in the linen closet.


Hidden Shelf Storage

Image having a beautiful shelf that also stores items you do not want seen. There are so many different types of these shelf's I have seen in friends houses and at markets. They are very sturdy shelf's and do not require items to be moved to open. Which is the best part since you do not want to have to move stuff just to get to more stuff.

A lot of the shelve's you will find will be advertised as gun storage. Do not let this turn you off. The shelf's can store a lot more than just a gun. I personally would store pictures, activity books like Sudoku, remotes, or crafts likes cross switch.


Seating and Storage

This is probably the most well-known, but biggest hidden storage area that duals as furniture. My family had an ottoman growing up that we stored our movie collection in.

Yes, we still had the collection of DVD’s when I was growing up. Thankfully it was when displaying them like an accomplishment was going out of style. It was by that time better to have them hidden away, so no one could see them.

When we decided to get rid of the movie collection, thanks to Netflix and other sites like, we decided to store blankets and pillows in the ottoman. You can store just about anything in the ottoman since it is large and normally square or rectangle. They make a great addition to your home whether you’re a minimalist or a memory Molly.

My S.O. and I purchased one that had the storage area, but also had a reversible top. This way we did not need a coffee table. The ottoman on the hard side had four cup holders that were rather handy with a toddler as well.


Picking the right bed frame for your décor and function of your home can be a tedious task. So, why not go with one that offers storage both in sight and hidden. As a child, I had a bed that offered three drawers underneath and the headboard had shelves. It was great for when my sister and I shared a bedroom.

The storage beds have come a long way since then and now offer many different types of frames. I have selected a few that I find rather appealing.

Picture on the wall

This is a great option if you like to decorate your walls anyways. Instead of letting the space between the wall and the canvas go unused install small hinges to the wood of the frame and wall. This way you do not have to take the picture down every time you would like to grab what is behind it.

The picture storage is great for keys, you could maybe use it in your Drop Zone area. It would also be great for bathrooms, bedrooms, or even the kitchen. For the bathroom, you can store your nail polish or medicine behind the picture. In the bedroom store your jewelry or adult toys. As for the kitchen, you can store your larger cooking utensils like the tongs or spatula. It would also be great for spices if you do not have the cabinet space. Really anything can be stored behind the picture frame that is small enough.

For the Cats & Dogs


If you are a proud animal mama or dad you will love this. There are amazing ways to hid your litter box and dog crates. Once my S.O. and I get into our house we will be considering purchasing the hiding plant style litter box. We personal do not have to crate our dog, but there are a few side tables and coffee table ideas for somewhat hiding the crate.



So Much More

There is so many different types of hidden storage ideas out there. Some of the articles I have linked share other ideas like stair storage, secret outlet compartments, tiles, fake books, and the list goes on. Finding storage in your home or making storage in your home can be rather easy. Get creative and discover ways to store your belongings in a way that the storage containers provide additional function.

Which of these hidden storage ideas would you love to see in your home?

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