Stroller Organization Hacks

Stroller Organization Hacks

I love my B.O.B stroller it is comfortable to push and Ty seems to enjoy riding in it. It’s just that the darn thing does not come with proper storage for a mom. The little under basket that is hard to get things in and out of, plus the extra $50.00 to just add a tray and a cup holder for you is a bit much. Especially after you just paid anywhere from $200.00 to $400.00 for the B.O.B stroller. So, what do you do? You get organized and think creatively to find amazing and simple DIY storage ideas.

My B.O.B stroller is mainly used at the Stroller Stride classes I attend. The main functionality of my B.O.B is geared for running and working out. I use my umbrella stroller for all my other daily activities such as zoo trips and sunny days at the farmers market. The B.O.B stroller is great for large open spaces or rocky terrain. Whereas the small umbrella Stroller is great for those crowded areas that you still need something for your kids to sit in. I do not know about you, but my little man isn’t so light anymore.

Here are a few hacks and tips that I have found work for my family and me. If I have not personally tried them I know someone who has.

Use A Laundry Net

I found the laundry nets that go inside your washer and dryer to wash your bras and over strappy items are small, have a zipper, and work great on a stroller. I found a pack of three at the Dollar Tree. Now when I first tried to secure the bag to my stroller I tried just using the Velcro stickers. When they proved not to be strong enough; I took a hot glue gun to the Velcro piece on the bag and Gorilla glue to the one on the stroller. I really wanted to have a way to remove the bag, so I could wash it if something spilled or if we had a potty accident. The laundry bags I found are a prefect size for the bottom side of your B.O.B stroller and the back of your umbrella stroller.

Shoe Organizer Into Cup Holder

If you can find a shoe organizer that is two across this will be the perfect size, otherwise, just cut to fit. When I was out shopping around I noticed that the ones Target is carrying right now are only two across, but way too big to fit in the storage bin of a B.O.B stroller.

I personal never DIYed this tip, but I see it around a lot and have always wanted to give it a try. I just have not made time to do so yet. When I do see the tip (featured in this blog here) it is always being used as cup holders. I do believe if I ever get around to this DIY I would also put one on the side my laundry bag hangs for extra storage. I think it would make a great area for an umbrella, small blankets, toys, or snacks.

Use Link Toys

The little plastic and colorful ovalish shaped hooks for babies are great for securing items to the stroller. I love using these for all kinds of things including toys, pacifier, cups, and many other things. In the B.O.B stroller I attached them to the buckles and on the umbrella just to the side bars. You will never have to worry about losing a toy again. Plus, the hooks stop the pacifiers and toys from falling on the ground.

Special Stroller Toys

Make some fun and unique live in stroller toys. I will provide a list of a few other blogs that have made different types of road trip games/ toys for their kids. I am just starting to consider these now that Ty is getting older. I currently use a goody bag Ty can pick toys from when in the stroller.

A tip from a mom who works out with her little one in the stroller for an hour a day. Keep toys for the stroller that are only allowed to be played with when in the stroller.


Clear Plastic Pencil Bag

If you can find a clear plastic pencil bag you can use it to store a tablet for your child to watch while in the stroller. Another plus of a clear bag is your child can play on the tablet without getting the it all sticky.

I used this and two bungee cords in the car once to make a DIY tablet holder. I have my son in the middle of the backseat, so the bungee cords held the pencil bag in place.

Large Hook

This tip is about everywhere when you are looking up stroller hacks, but for the sake of mentioning it use a large hook. The large hook allows you to hang diaper bags, shopping bags, or resistance bands for those who love to work out.

Y’all there are so many great ideas out there on how to improve your B.O.B and your Umbrella stroller if you are interested. I mainly focused on the organization aspect and how to get the most space out of your stroller. What is your preferred stroller B.O.B or Umbrella?

*** Tip for my fellow moms who are potty training. Get some puppy pads to put in the car seat ad stroller until your little one has fully grasped the concept of letting you know he/she needs to go. I was a super brave soul and took Ty on an 8-hour road trip just two short days after getting him potty trained. Only two accidents the whole way there and back, but the puppy pads saved us. In other words Ty did not have to ride in a wet car seat the rest of the way and I had no clean up other than to throw the used pad away.***

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