Resume Organization and Building

Resume Organization and Building

I know a resume does not feel like something you should really have to organize. Most would just put their resume in chronological order and call it a day. This is not necessarily the case for 2017/2018 resumes.

A resume is a work of art that showcases yourself in a beautifully written format. Your resume should express your personality and not just your work history.  

Having the right layout can be the difference between scoring the interview and getting passed by without a second glance. Capture your audience while remaining professional and targeted for the job you are applying for.  

Where To Start

What careers paths are you looking to apply for? This is an important question now days since people tend to skim read. Capturing the attention of a hiring manger who has already looked at 20 other resumes is not an easy task.

Instead of listing all of your work experience on your resume try picking the top three to four that fit the niche you are applying for. From there list the jobs in order form most recent to last and simply put the number of years you worked there rather than the dates.

Make Your Format Count

Steer clear of overdone and boring resume styles. Set yourself apart with a few tricks to capture the reader’s attention. Make it a point to have the reader see what you want them to first, so they are intrigued and wanting more.    

  • Step one:

“Add a splash of color” says Theo Thimou

  • Step two:

Bold your points you want to make first and spread them throughout the resume. This is a prefect tactic for helping skim readers read your best accomplishments.

  • Step Three:

Pick a sleek font that is easy to read, but not other used. There is no longer a need to go with the boring and overdone Times New Roman

Make It Social Friendly

Do not be afraid to showcase your social media links in your resume. Make it easy for hiring managers to snoop and show them you are confident with what they will find. Here is a link on how to get the social icons on your PDF resume.

Your Words Count

Use simple, but catchy words that define who you are and what you have accomplished. Going overboard with the wording however can make it look like you went to the most complicated word under synonym to look smarter.

Here are a few great articles about 2017 resume writing. Both have some great advice some that is different form my own.

12 Steps to a Better Resume

What Your Resume Should Look Like In 2017

I have been in the position of hiring new staff members and I can tell you resumes all look the same. It gets very boring looking at the same style for days. This was back in 2015, so I can take speak for the last two years. Use your best judgement and always have a few tailored resumes for different career fields in your document folder.

Let me know what your biggest challenge is with job hunting? Or If you are a hiring manager your biggest complaint about resumes? I love hearing from you guys!

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