7 Cleaning Hacks

7 Cleaning Hacks

Cleaning is a big part of staying organized. This is not because a clean house is organized or an organized house is clean. It simply is easier to have a clean house and be organized.

So, for today’s post I thought I would share a few of my favorite cleaning hacks and a few over blogs that I personally feel have some great advice. I am working on a new cleaning planner for y’all and should have it up within the next few days. So, be sure to check back for those free pintables or sign up here to receive them via email.

Tip 1:

Have a plan of action for your daily, weekly, monthly, and 3-month cleaning needs. If you have been keeping up with Imitation Life you will know that in my daily routine blog I said this: “you may need to try a few schedules or make your own to find what works for you”.

Start simple with a daily cleaning chart or todo list. I know I just said you should have all the previously mentioned, but cannonballing in will do nothing. A lot of us get so overwhelmed that we do not know where to start. This will also cause some to completely loose the urge to clean. I recently read a blog about becoming paralyzed by the need to clean. It was a great read and had some helpful tips that I have used in other areas of my life just never for cleaning. Click here for the read.

Tip 2:

Multitask when possible. I know what you are thinking all the experts say not to multitask when trying to get something done, because of this or that. However, when it comes to this one area it works so well especially if you have small kids. Clean your bathroom while your kid takes a bath. It is so easy and gives you something to do while they play in the tub. My son loves to play with me, but he genuinely enjoys playing by himself especially in the tub. He hates when I try to move the trucks around… it can be rather funny at times.

You won’t be able to clean the shower/bath this way but everything else can easily be done. I personally do the floors all at once, so this is not done during that time either. Another great bright side to doing this is your child will get to see you cleaning and they will want to copy you. That is a huge win for a parent!

This tip really only applies for the stage in life my son and I are in. Meaning kids to young under a year (use your best judgement) and kids older than six (is that the age kids start to bath by themselves?) you cannot clean while they are in the bath. One because you need to watch them and help them and the other because well…. “That is just not cool mom”.

Tip 3:

I jumped on the DIY cleaning product ban wagon halfway. What that means is I make a few products that gets used the most or was super easy to make. The rest I still by premade from the store. You cannot do it all. Personally, I like to decorate my calendar more than I like to make cleaning products. Find your priorities and what you like.


All Purpose Cleaner (Doterra Essential Oils) recipe:

·       ¾ Vinegar

·       Fill rest of bottle with water

·       Small drop of dish soup

·       10 drops lemon

·       5 drops melaleuca or lavender (if you do not have melaleuca)

You can stop there if you want

·       5 drops On Guard

Tip 4:

Start every morning off clean. This is one of my first tips in my weekly emails, because it can be the difference between a good and bad morning. Your mornings shape your day and if you come out and step on a Lego or find you coffee maker dirty it is probably going to put you off. It may take you an extra 30 minutes at night, but trust me you will start to notice the difference in your mood when you wake up to a clean house.

The email tips and tricks I have in place are a simple to follow format that gives you the chance to build up the daily habits needed to tackle a clean morning every morning.

Tip 5:

Give your kids chores.  The younger you start giving your child chores the better. Not just for you, but for your child as well. It helps them feel as if they are part of the family and when they are younger it gives them time with you. Here are a few blogs that share their thoughts on age appropriate chores. I am sharing a couple, because everyone’s outlook on what is acceptable is different.


  2. "Teaching Your Children Independence"

  3. Age Appropriate Chores for Kids: Free Printable

Tip 6:

Do a little every day and it will not pile up on you. This tip kind of goes with tip 1 make a schedule, but just in case I wanted to add it. A simple wipe of the counters and a little decluttering on randomly placed items will eliminate that weekly big clean. I used to hate having to clean the house all at once, because it pretty much took up my entire day. That is when I decided that I would make a schedule and stick to it. Three or five schedules later I finally have it down.

Tip 7:

Get inspired. Look on Pinterest at an article like this one “17 Incredible Ways to Dust That Will Blow Your Mind” to help inspire cleaning. It had some great ideas and one I wish I knew earlier this afternoon. There are all kinds of cleaning hacks on what products work best for what areas that you could spend days just reading.


Play music. Get excited while you clean and the best way to do that is to play music. Music helps us move and generally, if playing upbeat music, puts us is a more positive mood. So, give it a try next time you are loading the dishwasher.

My son loves Disney music, so we blast Disney music and have mini dance sessions while I am cleaning. It gives him time with me in small burst and he loves it.

That is about it y’all.

Cleaning is not a favorite of a lot of people… unless you are like my sister who cleans when she is mad… like where do I get that trait…my house would be on tee…just kidding I am normally happy.

In all honesty, the best cleaning and even organizing advice I or anyone can give you is find what works best for you. I always have two meetings with my clients above all other meetings.

1)      Get to know you and your current style to help determine the best plan of action for your family and you.

2)      Check up to see how the plan is working and where we could change a few things to better fit everyone’s needs

This helps to establish their original wants with what my not fit. Plus, it shows them that change is ok and can be very helpful if done right.

Share your cleaning schedule below. I love seeing what others do daily; to see if it is something I may want to pick up on. Or, share a daily cleaning tip that did not work for you. I will have my answer posted in the comments!

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