Toddler Play Room Tips For Getting Organized

Toddler Play Room Tips For Getting Organized

The dreaded play room is always a beautiful disaster of fun times and utter chaos. When your kids are older it is not so bad since the play area is generally moved to their bedrooms. However, when kids are younger and up to toddler years play areas tend to be in view. My son’s play room was in the formal dining room and it was one of the first areas you saw when you walked in. So, it needed to be friendly for him yet appealing for when company came over. Well at least easy to quickly pickup and put away.

 Quick and Easy

That brings us to the first tip which is to keep whatever storage ideas you bring in simple and one step processes. This will benefit both your child and you during cleanup time. As with any of my tips on getting and staying organized; the easier the process the more likely it will stay in place.

A one step process means that you should not need to jump through hoops to put something away or take it down. Best example is the beautiful Pinterest play area pictures that show Barbie’s or cars on a top shelf where kids cannot reach it themselves. Why have a toy so high the child cannot reach it? All this will do is make them ask you for it and then you will be the one putting it away as well. Now things like arts and crafts, play-dough, board games, etc. are great items to store up high. Since most of those activities you may want to supervise anyways.

Ask yourself before you buy:

·       What will it house?

·       Can it be placed in reach of my child?

·       Is it easy to get in and out of?

Find Function with Elegance

I saw this brilliant idea here for taking an old tire, painting it and putting shelves in it to house little hot wheels. This is a great idea because the toys are easy to get to and put away. Yet the tire adds a bit of color and décor to the play area. Same concept not shown is the rope look around the tire if you want to completely cover up the fact it is a tire.

Be creative when finding items to store your child’s toys in. I went plain jane for our son’s first play room with some storage bins from IKEA. I love them, because they have several different bins to choose from, are solid wood, and the bins are not clear. You can paint the wood and the bins to match any style you are trying to achieve.

Extra Tip: Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals are always a complaint I hear from moms and clients. You can give the hanging hammock, which is high and would require help, or the make shift animal zoo (see here). I personally took the tent my son was not playing in and threw all the stuffed animals in that. This way they were out of the way and the on the rare occasion he played with either they were reachable. Plus, if I was not feeling it that night I did not have to neatly arrange the animals. They could just be thrown in since you could not really see them anyways.

Virtual Organizing Services

I will be offering virtual organizing services starting Wednesday to help you organize different areas in your home. If you are not a Pinterest DIY person or if you just need someone else input my virtual organizing service plan is prefect for you. Head over to the service page to checkout pricing and contact me for more details.

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