Optimize your Travel Bag

Optimize your Travel Bag

We are going on a road trip to visit the beautiful state of Michigan. At least I hope the state will be beautiful. Plus, we get to go without our little one this trip. Which is both exciting and scary at the same time. I thought with this little trip that I would do a post on tips for optimizing your travel bag space. In addition, there will be a second bonus post at 11:00am today on car organization for traveling without kids!

I prefer to take less stuff with me, so I do not have several bags to keep up with.  This is probably because I hate laundry. So, the less I take the less laundry I have to do when I get back.  Which is a huge motivator for me, because laundry is my number one villain.

Straws for Products

For this first trick you will want to try and find the thicker straws or take some from McDonalds. If you cannot find the large straws use the smaller ones instead. With the straws, you will want to cut one side and pinch it together while holding a lighter under to melt it together. Then fill it with your shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash, lotion, etc. and pinch and melt the other side together.

These make great single use and easy to open containers for travel. You can make as many as you need for your trip. If you have any leftover store them for your next trip, because they will not go bad.

Get a roll-up makeup bag

A roll up makeup bag is great for hauling all your cosmetics and personal care needs for the trip. Throw your freshly made single cleaning products in one pocket with your hairbrush, hair ties, and maybe your favorite clip. In the next compartment throw in your spouses and your own deodorant, contact solution, toothbrushes and maybe a straw single use toothpaste. In this compartment go ahead and throw in razors and shaving cream too. Most roll-up bags will have at least four compartments of decent size. So, hopefully your roll-up bag still has two compartments. In one of the two compartments put a few make-up basics. With your last compartment put watches and other jewelry items your spouse and you need. If done right you can have a lot of your needed items packed away in this handy little bag.

Extra tip: Spend the extra bucks on a bag that offers a hanging strap. This way in your hotel room you can hang it off the shower rod or door. My hanging bag also has Velcro bags, so I can easily remove them and put them back once I am done.

Reusable Zipper Bags

Get enough reusable or disposable zipper bags for each day you are on vacation. You will want enough for you and whoever else will be going. This little trick will help you stay organized and save you space in the long run. Now if you are anything like I used to be I would just ball up my underwear, socks, and whatever other small items and shove them into a tight space. Which is great if you do not mind having a completely destroyed bag the first time you have to grab something out of it.

What you will need to do is layout underwear, socks, ties, belts, etc. that you will be wearing on vacation. Then separate them into your days and put the set neatly inside one of the zip lock bags. If you or if you have a boyfriend who likes to take two showers a day throw in an extra pair of underwear and socks in each bag. This way you do not have a ton of bags, but all items are still present for that day.

Roll your clothes together

Plan your dress for each day you are on vacation. I know ladies this is a hard one for us women. So, at the bottom of the bag bring a couple extra shirts in case you decide the ones you planned to wear just will not work that day. For this trick, all you need to do is grab your pants and lay the shirt you want to wear on top and roll them together.

Rolling your clothes will help eliminate wrinkles and allow more items in your suit case. You do need to do a neat fold/ roll to avoid wrinkles. I learned that lesson the hard way one trip.

All Packed and Ready To Vaca

I know you will have all the space you need with these tips and tricks for packing a vacation bag. The longer the vacation the bigger or more bags you may need. Rule of thumb one bag per week for one person. I know you can do it and remember it is just less laundry if you cut back on what you take. Enjoy your vacation and Instagram with me at #imitationlife #travellife.

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