Decluttering Before The Move

Decluttering Before The Move

Need to pack? Have a limited time frame you will be living in one place before moving to your new home? Well if you find yourself in this state you are like my family and me. Where we have moved in with his parents to save money before taking the big leap of moving from Florida to Michigan. We will be in this limited living arrangement for about 6 months/ until October 2017. 

I know there are other families or even singles out there that go from a 3-bedroom (in our case) to a room for them and a room for their child. This living arrangement is not bad, but you do have to limit your stuff so you can walk in the space you will now be living in.

Clutter Is Not Always Mess .... Mess Is Not Always Clutter

Clutter Is Not Always Mess .... Mess Is Not Always Clutter

As with any move and as I blog more you will see this is my number one for how I help others and myself stay organized. What is it? Purging – throwing away or giving away your unused or never used items. I know that getting rid of your stuff may bring some anxiety just mentioning the word and others jump for joy.

No matter which way you tend to gravitate towards when it comes to purging your stuff this article will help walk you through some of the process of getting rid of your items.

The key things to remember are….

1)      Do I use it (Have you used the item in the last year)?

2)      Is this a passed down item? Do I already have at MOST two items from the person it is passed down from?

3)      Does this item bring me pleasure?

If your answer is no to all three questions then donate it or put in the trash pile. There is no sense in keeping items that are not used, have no memories, and don’t bring you happiness.

If your answer is yes to at least one it may be a keeper. This is where you should decide what is important to you and your family.

Now answering yes to two or more questions is definitely a keeper. These are items that do not bring clutter to your home and mind.

Where do you start when purging your items? It depends on the type of person you are. Personally, I like to purge what most would consider the harder items pictures, collectable, memories/pass down items. Then I move to the easier areas like kitchen equipment and clothes.

Some may find it easier to work their way up to the harder stuff. All that matters is that you do declutter and purge some of your items.

Also keep in mind that electronic items can still cause clutter and general dismay in your life. When you are going through your family pictures try and ask these additional questions;

1)      Do I already have a picture of my dog with his bone in the backyard? Or, do I really need 5 pictures of that tree?

2)      Can I remember where this picture was taken? A lot of time you find that looking back at your valued memories you cannot recall the place or even the memory.

The last question can be applied to memorabilia and items that have been passed down. You want to see if it truly brings value to your life by keeping it. There are some items that are so old and have been in the family that it does bring you value by keeping a family tradition.

Please do not take this note as me saying go ahead and keep 10 items all from the same great whoever. One item in most cases should be sufficient and at most two.

Clutter in any form from the kitchen to the simplest of boxes can cause you to feel Stressed and disarrayed. It is best to keep a few favorites than to have so many they rot away in a cabinet or storage.

The task of purging can be hard. To help I have created a simple plan to which you can download here for free to get you started on your decluttering journey.

For those that find this task a bit too daunting or would rather bring in a third person perspective and a professional. Please send me an email and we can discuss your possible need/use of a personal organizer.

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