Baby Organization - Living Room

You are pregnant congratulations! I know when I was pregnant I had so much on my mind and what have you that figuring out how to best organize my items was not a priority. After the fact and two years later I wish it had been.

Keeping organized can help you keep your home clean, give you peace of mind, and generally improve your mood. Those first 3 to 6 months of having a new baby are tough and the simple pleasure of having your home put together will help your mind relax. This way you can try to take that piece of advice everyone always wants to give. “Rest when baby rest”

Most pregnant women will go through a nesting stage and this will be the perfect time to get your baby items unboxed and organized throughout your home. The nesting stage is a beautiful stage where everyone just needs to get out of your way so you can clean, organize, and decorate.

I remember that I kept thinking "oh I still don’t feel this urge to “nest”". Then one morning I woke up and everything just had to be put together and unboxed.

As much as you… well at least I, was drawn to decorate my son’s room first I wish I would have put more energy into the living room since this is where we spent most of our time. Even at night he wasn’t in his own room until about 8 months since I was breast feeding.

I highly recommend that you use West Elm Room Planner if you would like to visualize your space before you rearrange. Get your spouse and other family to help move items once you have decided the prefect spaces for them to go.

You will want to leave enough space for the baby items to move if they are moving ones. I know when my little man was born I had a spot picked out for his Baby swing to go. However, once it was setup we realized that this one item needed a lot more space to swing.  So, planning everything will save time and hassle once your little one is home.

Even though your new baby cannot crawl or walk it does not take them long to learn how to roll where they want to go. With this mind, I suggest moving all items you do not want them to touch, or items you do not want to pick up 100 times two shelves up. This will also clear space for you to store baby friendly items.

I liked getting cute boxes and baskets to place items like teething rings, soft books, burp clothes, and wipes in. To help keep the house looking nice and not like a daycare I found creative ways to store different items. One being my son’s tummy time mat which I kept rolled up and in a tall vase in the corner of my living room. I picked a vase that was solid and not see through this way it completely hid his mat.

Biggest advice I have for keeping your new baby stuff and your belongings coexisting and organized in an appealing manner is to limit. Limit the number of large items you have out for your little or even have on hand. After having my son, I found that I liked and he liked a few select items and the rest maybe got used once or twice. It may be hard since you want them to have everything, but it will save you money and space.

My biggest two items I used a lot where his swing and his jumper. The swing was inflexible, but the jumper could fold down and be stored behind the couch. It kept his other beloved item in arms reach, but out of the way.

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Baby Series - Baby Items In The Kitchen

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