App's To Stay Organized

It is easy to get distracted throughout our days and forget where we have actually spent our time. Many of us feel like there is not enough time in the day to get everything done. That is why I want to share a few apps that I love and use. All the apps help me stay a bit more aware of my time and keep me organized.

Disclaimer here: I find there are generally two types of people out there right now. One who likes everything on paper and one who can do everything from a phone/computer. I am a mixture of both with a command center for my family and several apps for me. Neither way is better. What it all amounts to is which way works for you. If you fall into the paper and pen method please let me know if you would want a blog about the best ways to stay organized off electronics.

My absolute favorite app right now is my ATracker app. I talk about it in one of the upcoming Monday Motivation blogs. This app is amazing for tracking your time throughout your day. I do believe it is only available on IPhone, but I do know Android has similar apps.  This app should not be used to plan your day, but instead to see where you have spent your time.

Here is how it works, when you change task throughout your day you quickly hit the task button for what you are doing and it changes over. Any small errors or large chunks of time you forgot to log can be corrected before bed.  It took me about a week before I would remember to log my activity when I started it. Then it took me about two weeks to really get in the swing of using the app. Now that I do I have no regrets.


For any of my Lifers here that are trying to form new habits, like staying organized, give Way of Life a try. It is a great app that will notify you when you want it to, so you never forget to input your accomplished task. You can add notes and customize your daily habits you are trying to form. It may not be an app you use forever, but it is great for getting into the swing of things while seeing your progress. I used the app to get back into exercising and to form a new mopping schedule.

Who else is obsessed with list? I personally like to use paper list, but for certain types of list I will make them on an app. List like a movie log is normally long running especially if you have kids and cannot binge watch movies. That is where the Wunderlist app will help you easily add and check off movies you want to watch or have viewed.

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Another of my favorite apps and actually one I have gotten compliments from my boyfriend on is Cozi. It is also a list app, calendar, but what I use it for is the recipe keeper feature. I plan all my meals for dinner for a two-week period and the app makes it is easy to insert a recipe that you like and then add it to your calendar. I also use the calendar feature to help remind my boyfriend about events like trash day, birthdays, and general manly maintenance items around the house. Best thing is your man does not have to have the app just an email address.

Last app will be for those budget minded Lifers out there. The app is called Mint and I am sure some of you have heard of it. This app is fabulous for those who hate inputting their spending records. This is because the app links all your bank accounts and cards. If you spend a lot of cash you will have to input this data, but it is a simple process. The app will help you track and save all at the same time.

What do you think? Will you be downloading any of these apps or do you already have them? Share your thoughts below and keep the conversation going!