Moving in With The Parents

Moving in With The Parents

Your family is moving in with family. Y’all will be going form a 3-bedroom, to a room for the two of you and a room for your child/children. It can be hard to transition, but for those who read “Declutter Your Home Before the Move” you are already well on your way to better adjusting to this new arrangement.

For my family, we decided to move in with his parents to allow us to save a bit of extra cash before we move to Michigan in about 6 months. Now that we are settled in I am thankful that I did a purge of my items and packed most of our things away.

I knew the basic essentials I should keep out and organized wants verses needs from there.

For us we will be living with his parents for a short 6 months which means we will not be experiencing a season change. Thankfully for us who at our old house had two walk-in closets and about 19 drawers a piece this was good news.

I did not need to keep out any of our winter clothes for both those reasons. Which has cleared a lot of space for my boyfriend and I to have a little extra wiggle room in our now shared closet. Surprisingly he has more clothes than I do. Anyone else’s man the same way?

Depending on how long your stay with family should determine what you actually need. Plus, if you did a clothing purge as suggested in my first article you should be down to items you really do wear and like.

The best thing to keep in mind when moving in somewhere for a short time is that you in fact can live without some items. What might some of those items be? My top three you can live without would be pictures and other household décor, most of your crafts, and kitchen equipment.

Obviously moving in with parents means you will not need your bigger items and in my family’s case we did not need our bed either. The best thing to do is think about it in the since that you will not have to repack most your belongings. Let that help motivate you to keep most everything in storage.

It is hard but anyone can do anything for 6 months to a year of their life. That is my mantra for this journey in my life. 

Download this helpful Move in With the Parents guide HERE for your two-week packing plan. The PDF download will guide you through your last two weeks in your own home and help you transition from house to room and storage unit.

Always remember there is no shame in asking for help. Moving is in fact a very good reason to contact and hire a professional organizer. A professional organizer can help with both the stress and anxiety of decluttering, and with effectively packing your items away. Please reach out to me via email if you are considering hiring a professional organizer.

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Decluttering Before The Move

Decluttering Before The Move