Daily Routine and Cleaning Schedule

I am not a wake up and go person I need at least 15 to 20 minutes and maybe a hot tea. However, our son wakes up happy and ready to punch the morning in the face! This he gets from his father. I mean it’s like they could go run a 5k as soon as their feet hit the ground and I am just over there like don’t talk to me…lol.

Baby Series - Baby Items In The Kitchen

The kitchen is going to host a lot of your newborn baby supplies. Such as breast milk bags, bottles, all bottle supplies, new and more efficient bottle drying racks, and baby food or utensils you have already collected. Most people’s kitchen, and this goes for my kitchen as well, is already full. There just never seems to be enough space in your kitchen for all the gadgets, utensils, plates, and food you must keep there.

Baby Organization - Living Room

As much as you… well at least I, was drawn to decorate my son’s room first I wish I would have put more energy into the living room since this is where we spent most of our time. Even at night he wasn’t in his own room until about 8 months since I was breast feeding.