Staying Organized A Daily Habit

Staying Organized A Daily Habit


A thing to remember is that being clean does not mean you are organized. It is more likely that you are clean if you are organized since it is easier to stay clean. This is because dusting, sweeping, and other daily chores can be completed with all of your piles and stuff around.

The cleanest of persons may still find it hard to stay organized, because it is a habit you must form first. Habits no matter what type take time and dedication.  I always ask when someone approaches the subject of becoming more organized if they are fully invested? As with exercise you must push yourself to get up every day and choose to do that squat challenge or run the mile.

When building a habit, it is better to start small and keep it steady verses going big and adding new task to fast.  You should also try and avoid the big buy factor when starting a new habit. Many of us do this when we want to lose weight. We go out and buy all the healthy food and then eat that way for two days. After about two days or a week we get an invite to go to dinner or we get a huge craving for ice cream. Which after that a lot of us just say f%ck it I will start again next week.  

That leaves the question; how can you stay on target with your organization goals? The answer is rather easy to talk but not walk. All you have to do is push yourself to go and do it every day for however long it takes for you to not think twice about it. Another tough love advice, but there is no secret to it.

Do not let that discourage you, because there are things you can do that can help you stay on target. I suggest doing at least two or three of these depending on your current daily habits.

1)      Sign up for Imitation Life Emails

The daily tips and tricks will help walk you through staying on target and accomplishing different goals throughout the year. Like the Idea Click Here

2)      Download a time tracking app

I personally use ATracker to keep track of my daily doings. It is not a scheduler, but an app that will, if you use it right, will tell you where you have spent your time throughout the day. I love it, because once I started using the app I was able to adjust my daily doings to accomplish more throughout my day.

3)      Request to join the Facebook group

The Facebook group will be starting this month and will feature the daily tips and tricks. Offer a place for you to connect with others trying to get and stay organized. Provide an area where you can ask more detailed one on one questions about your organizational needs. The group will also give you accountability.  Like the Idea Click Here

4)      Keep a journal

If you are not one to share your daily story or ask questions in a group setting than try and keep a journal. You can always send me an email with your questions if you choose to go this route. I strongly suggest getting a journal you like or decorating it the way you like. This will help keep your attention on it on those days you do not want to do it.

Let me know what you decided to do and how long you have been doing it. I truly love hearing from all of you. Until next time my fellow lifers.

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