It Is All You

It Is All You

Organization and relationships do not always go together. Sometimes it is one person who is more organized and better at decluttering. So, to all those lovely spouses who must put up with, deal with, or scream into a pillow about an unorganized partner keep reading.

To start let me begin with saying that I do not have the same outlook on the whole relationships are built on compromise thing. That’s because I have found that some (or most) of the time you are not actually comprising, but agreeing to whoever is stronger willed or makes a better argument.

So, if talking and not nagging has not helped get your spouse on board with staying organized then you may have to take this tough love advice.  

As a side note this article is more informative to those who are organized and stay organized 88% of the time. This is because you cannot except anything from your spouse if you are wishy washy about staying organized yourself. So, if you are more of an organized person 30% of the time try signing up for Imitation Life’s Tips of The Week emails. The emails will walk you through a simple to follow process to staying organized 88% of the time.

Now for that tough love advice; keeping you home organized may (will) just fall to you. If you already have things organized and your spouse sees this it may not be something they are even aware of. Which just plain sucks but that is life. On the other hand, if they do not see it and you have asked them to help (pointed out to them) and they still do not. Then it is something they personally do not care about.

Here is what I want you to do…Stop here… now do this before continuing!!! Say this out loud 10X “I am the one who wants an organized house. I am happier when things are organized and it does not mean my partner must support this need when I can.”

Did you say the mantra 10X? It is important that you realize that if you want something it is not your partners job to satisfy that want. This goes for everything in life you want to go to the beach more and your partner doesn’t then go more without them. It is a fact, but sometime couples do have different priorities and this does not make them a bad couple. It just means you have to face facts a bit more.

How do I coup with this tough love truth? Well, I add it into my daily cleaning/routine schedule which will be coming out in two weeks for you to download and make your own.

My own relationship has its own areas where I have to suck it up and take my own tough love advice. The key is the mantra and just being content. Look at it this way if it is not a deal breaker meaning you would not divorce or breakup because of it then do not punish yourself and your relationship with negativity.

Then again there is of course one other thing you can do when you have tried everything else and still cannot seem to be content with keeping the house organized yourself. Hire a cleaning service or professional organizer to help take a load off of you. All of my fabulous Imitation Life follows with new babies, 40+ hour a week jobs, or y’all with high anxiety this may be the best choice you make.

Continue this conversation in the comments with your biggest area of concern with your spouse’s organization? I would love to hear what y’all thought of the mantra and if you have given it a go yet.

Staying Organized A Daily Habit

Staying Organized A Daily Habit