July 15th Meal Plan

July 15th Meal Plan

This may be something new for Imitation Life. I have not fully decided exactly how I want to (or if I want to) release my meal plans every two weeks. I know when I started meal planning I would have loved to have had someone plan my weeks, so I could follow as easy and cost-efficient method.

Starting out I always seemed to buy too much of something and it would go to waste, or by to little and have to run back out. If you watched my Snapchats which may still be available until 11:00am today, the 15th of July, you can see a glimpse at how I plan my shopping list.

I do not coupon, but I do shop deals at my three favorite stores. I also use the rebates app Ibotta which is a great app to earn a little cash back when you shop. The app has all kinds of items including clothing from many name brand stores and restaurants. Check it out and please use my code otpffwi to sign up. Signing up with my code will start you off with $10.00 in your Ibotta account as well as help me out.

If I do not make a meal plan I feel that everything is a bit more overwhelming. It can be difficult to figure out what you want every day. Not that a meal plan can make you decide you are ok with chicken when you are really craving steak, but it does serve a purpose. That purpose is to give your family and you an idea of what they can expect all week. I personally like to keep a few pizza’s in the freezer for days I do not want chicken.

It is important to remember that you do not have to adhere to your meal plan in the order you put the meals. My S/O has a habit of deciding he wants something else last minute (early afternoonish). So, I always plan a few meals I know he normally craves and just interchange them as needed. Planning for flexibility in your meal plan is almost more important than planning the meals. If you find yourself not willing or wanting to stick to the plan try to adjust the plan for more flexibility.

Now this first meal plan and a few after are going to be a bit different then what I would normally plan for my family’s meals. I am vacationing at my sisters for a little while to help her move. So, instead of feeding two men I just have one little one right now. Plus, my sister does not eat many kinds of meats.

I hope you y’all find the meal plan below helpful. I would love to hear your thoughts on it and what recipes you have decided to try. I should mention most to all the recipes are from someone else so each meal has a link to the recipe of the blog I found it on.


Saturday July 15th is shopping day and meal prep. I do not ever want to cook on this day, so it is pizza for us.


              B: Crepes with Jam

              L: Fried Rice with Egg

I no longer use a recipe for this dish. I just cook the rice a day in advance (if you make brown rice add a little bit of soy to the water. Brown rice does not soak up the soy/flavor after it has been cooked.) I just add whatever vegetables I have to a fry pan season with soy, 1 TBSP brown sugar, garlic, salt & pepper, & paprika (you can add a small amount of Siracha for spicy fried rice) I give the vegetables about 3 - 5 minutes and then add in 2 to 4 eggs depending on batch size. Trick to fried rice you do not want the vegetables super soft a little crunch is prefect. Once everything is done to your liking add rice and a little bit more soy. I cook this in butter, but for a healthier option use oil.

              D: Cucumber, Black Bean, Corn, Tomato, Avocado salad


               B: Smoothie & Egg Muffin

               L: Bean Burrito

               D: Chef Salad (meatless)


              B: Smoothie & Egg Muffin

              L: Boiled Egg, Toast, & Celery with Peanut Butter

              D: One Pan Ranch Chicken with carrots instead of broccoli


              B: Smoothie & Egg Muffin

              L: Fried Rice

              D: Bell Pepper Pizza (have not tried yet)


              B: Egg Muffin & Toast

              L: Bean Burrito

              D: Lemon Chicken, Rice, & Asparagus

This meal is super easy season chicken with garlic, salt & pepper, lemon pepper and bake as normal. Nothing special to rice and cook asparagus whichever way you like it the most. This is a freezer meal. I like to have a couple made just in case we want something besides pizza but still do not want to go out.


              B: Smoothie & Boiled Egg

              L: Spinach Mac & Cheese

I am just adding spinach to a box of Mac and Cheese. There are some more complex recipes out there, but I thought I would just experiment. I know peas and carrots are good in mac and cheese.  

              D: Chef Salad


              B: Smoothie & Muffins (regular. I buy ones you just add milk to)

              L: Left Overs

              D: Avocado Hummus Tacos

                           I am making the avocado hummus and using it as the meat in the taco. 


              B: Smoothie & Toast

              L: Left Overs

              D: Lemon Chicken, Rice, & Asparagus (same as July 19th)


              B: Smoothie & Egg Burrito

              L: Bean Burrito

              D: Chicken Parmesan with Green Beans


              B: Smoothie & Egg Burrito

              L: Boiled Egg, Celery with Peanut Butter, & Toast

              D: Chicken Parmesan Soup

I am going loosely off of the linked recipe while using the left over chicken form July 23rd for this recipe. 


              B: Smoothie & Egg Burrito

              L: Mac & Cheese

              D: Greek Wraps (vegan)

Using hummus instead of meat. I linked a pita bread recipe since this is just a sandwich.


B: Smoothie & Egg Burrito

L: Left Overs

D: Black Beans, Vegetables (whatever we find at farmers market), Rice bowl


              B: Smoothie & Egg Burrito

              L: Left Overs

              D: Spaghetti with the rest of the vegetables in the fridge


              B: Smoothie & Egg Burrito

              L: Bean Burrito

              D: Pita Bread Pizza