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What is a professional organizer?

As a professional organizer I will help and coach you through organizing various rooms and places in your home and life. Services include declutter or parting ways with your belongings. As well as, finding simple ways to store your items, so they are appealing to the eye and can easily be accessed. 

Why hire someone to help me declutter?

Bring in someone to help you declutter  can help alleviate the stress of  the chore.  It can also help you to work through what is really essential and meaningful to you. 

Please note that I will never require you or force you to part ways with any item in your home.  I am merely their to help you work through the process of what can go and what can stay. 

How can I benfit from a professional organizer?

Everyones benefits in different ways some of those benefits may include; less stress, a visually appealing area,  a more simplistic lifestyle,  a functional home, a learning experience, and more!

What areas do you service?

Imitation life services the Capac, Lapeer, Romeo, Port Huron, Utica, Rochester, Lake Orion, and Oxford areas. 

How can I pay?

You may make payments through Apple pay, Facebook messenger, PayPal, or via a money order. No personal checks will be expected.

Can I book per hour?

I do offer you the option to book per hour verse booking a package deal. Booking per hour is an hourly fee of $50.00. Please note that the package deals located in Pricing and Services are set to certain number of hours, because that is the average time it takes to complete each area/task.



What happens if the organization does not work for my family and me?

There are many ways to organize and stay organized. Finding the right way for your family and you may not happen the first go round. If you find that the way we have organized your rooms does not work we offer a reorganization package.  Please reach out to us and we will work through what the problem areas are. In some cases there may be a reorganization fee if an in person visit is needed. 

What happens if my package cannot be completed in the time frame allocated?

I offer a reduced hours rate at $25.00 an hour for any additional hours required to complete your package. Please note that the time allocated for each package is an average time. 

What happens if My room is completed for the total package time is used?

If we are able to complete you room before time allocated for the package you purchased I will work with you on one smaller area. Do keep in mind that this should not be planned for as the time allocated for each package is an average time frame for completion.  

How can I stay organized after?

I recommend joining the Imitation life email list which provides weekly tips on cleaning and organizing your home and life. 

How much is required to hold my appointment?

Imitation Life requires 50% to be paid 2 weeks in advance of your 1st scheduled appointment.  This 50% is not refundable after 72-hours.  The remaining 50% is required 24-hours before your 1st appointment.  

Will pictures be used on your social media sites and website?

You have the choice to sign the consent form allowing before and after pictures to be used on my social media sites and website. All pictures taken will feature no individual other than myself. The pictures will also not disclose who you are. It is not required to sign the consent form in order to hire Imitation Life.