DIY Side Table

DIY Side Table

How do you help a friend who is moving into a 500sq apartment? You get creative and do a DIY out of an item they already have in their home.

When you have nice furniture, but no room to use it and store it as is in your new place repurpose it for a fun and personal touch. For this Thursday’s DIY we are repurposing bar stools into side tables with two shelves.

***Head over to Snapchat for the video story of this project available only from Thursday, July 20th @4:00pm, to Friday, July 21st @4:00pm.***

The friend is moving from a 2-bedroom apartment to a 500sq ft. apartment. The new place does not have a bar area for her three bar stools. We will be taking two of them and turn them into side tables for the living room area.

This cute DIY side table with shelves is small and tall so it will take up less space in the tiny apartment. Once the project is said and done we will have spent a total of $20.00 to make the side tables. This DIY can be done in one day. We took two days to do the project since we were working around a 9 to 5 schedule.

I love how these stools turned out and they are a prefect height for my friend since she has a Great Dane. A little higher than a normal side table, but prefect for her.

Day 1: Sanding

To paint the bar stools, you will need to sand them down otherwise the paint will not adhere properly. Since we were not using an electric sander we decided we could tackle this part inside.

Sitting in front of the TV watching The Originals via Netflix while sanding made the task go by fast. The task, TV or not did not take long to complete. I did not time us, but I want to say we made it through 1 ½ episodes of The Originals before finishing.

Does any of my readers love that show? I only watch it on Netflix and want to say I stopped midway through season 2 for some reason. I am now almost done with season two this second time around and it has me hooked!

We did not start the sanding process until late the first night so we decided to call it a night. I do want to note we managed to sand both bar stools with five large sheets of sandpaper. A total cost of $3.00 for the sandpaper we scored at Wal-Mart.

Day 2 (part 1): Painting

A cheap shower curtain from the Dollar Tree provided the prefect protective barrier while spray painting the stools. If you get the newspaper everyday you can just use that. For my friend, it was cheaper to purchase a Dollar Tree shower curtain.

Unfortunately, spray painting is not something that can be done inside due to the fumes. I personally do not like to do regular painting, so I would rather deal with taking the project outside.

At first, we bought one can of spray paint a combo paint that had both the primer and white paint. We ended up needing three cans of spray paint. One of the bar stools decided not to cover as easily as the other. This brought the cost of the spray paint to $12.00 which again was scored at Wal-Mart. All in all with the shower curtain day 2 - part1 cost $13.00.

Day 2 (Part 2): The Rope

My friend and I eventually started working together to wrap the horizontal rods in the rope. We decided to use a hot glue gun, but you can use E6000 glue. The process was a lot faster with two working together than when I tired to do it myself.

For the bar stools, we are repurposing they have two different height horizontal rods at the same level. We wanted taller items to be able to sit comfortably on the shelves, so we decided to use the bottom rods on each level.  

You will want to take which ever glue you choose and glue both top and bottom of the rod. Start the rope end on the bottom side so you cannot see it. Then tightly wrap the rope around the rods. Keep the rope as close and as tight as you can. This will allow you to set heavier items on your new tables.

This process did not take us long either maybe an 1 hour. The cost of the rope is $6.00 at Wal-Mart or you can go to Michaels and use a 40% or 50% off coupon. With the coupon, we were able to purchase 3 rolls for $4.00 each. We managed to get all three with a coupon, because we again only bought one roll at first then went back for the rest. The only reason we needed two more was because my friend wanted to do a few accent rope details on the new side tables. You are able to complete this project with just two rolls of rope.

Oh…and YES we were watching The Originals again as we completed these beautiful side tables! Almost finished with season two!!!

Final Thoughts

I have seen this project done with wood being glued or nailed to the bars to create a smooth shelf. Just another idea if you do not like the rope look. Here is a link to the article.

The project was fun and let us watch a super awesome show while doing it. The side tables are prefect for the space and I will update all my social media accounts with a picture of them in the new place Mid-August.

In total the project cost us about $28.00. My friend originally purchased the bar stools for $10.00 each. So, if you count that into the price she managed to get/ make two side tables with shelves for $48.00 bucks.  

With any DIY keep in mind there may be times you have to run back to the store for more supplies. There is also a learning curve that normally happens. For us it was the rope wrapping on the top shelf verses the bottom shelf. The bottom shelf which was done second ended up being a lot tighter than the top. A thought to keep in mind when doing any DIY project.

What do you think of the project? Is it something you would like to have in your home?

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