DIY Command Center

Why Have One & What Is It?

What is a command center and why should you have one? The name is so harsh, but do not let that turn you off. This wonderful area in your home can be a life saver with busy schedules or just helping keep you on track. 

The area you pick to put your command center is important since it is a place that mail will go, a wall calendar, chore list, and other important group information. The best spot in my opinion is either the kitchen or entry/mudroom where you can also setup a drop zone. (Checkout next DIY Thursday’s post for drop zone setup/organization)

This area should be reachable by all parties and have an easy layout so that all parties can easily achieve the desired goal. Which the desired goal is operating as a whole. There are many ways you can achieve this and no way is best for all. You may make this wall a few times before you find the prefect setup for your family.

Side Story: My Life

Little side story about my command center. I set ours up and only had a small wall to fit it on. The area I had the mail going was not the best I soon found out since both I and my boyfriend tended to forget about it in that area. I also found that most of the time it still ended up on the counter. So, when we get our own place again my next area will have its own separate box just for mail and maybe even a box for him and one for me.

What To Do First?

Where to start? Go and pick out the type of calendar you would like to have. I went with a cheap paper calendar that I could decorate and add the stickers to. I like this form of planning, because I feel I have ugly writing and the stickers help minimize the writing I do. I also like that I can go back through the calendar to see what we did the month before. A lot of people use the dry erase boards for their calendars. This choice is a great option for those you want a sleeker look to their design.

Y’all this does not need to be expensive either. So, please keep that in mind when searching for items for your command wall. I made mine for $12.00. Items I did already have were my wall calendar, spray paint, decorative paper (scrapbook paper). Everything else I found at The Mission which is like a GoodWill and at the dollar Tree.

Tips Before You Buy

Before you go and buy the rest of you items just put the calendar up to see what space you have left to work with. Also plan what you need on your wall. Lastly and the biggest part have fun with it! This is not just an area for organization guest will see it. So, make it something you are proud to show off and speaks for your family.

List & Share Your Command Center

To the side is a list of suggested items to have on your command center wall. Also check out my Pinterest board filled with all types of command center Ideas. If y’all have a command center now or once you set yours up go to Instagram and share your picture with #DIYThrusdayLife.