DIY Turn Your Moving Boxes Into Organizers

DIY Turn Your Moving Boxes Into Organizers

Moving can be stressful, tiring and jut plan expensive. Well if you have been following along with Imitation Life you will know that my family and I just made a huge change in our living arrangement. We went from living in a 3-bedroom home to living in a room in my boyfriend’s parents’ house.

Most of our belongings are in storage since we will only be with them for 6 months before moving to Michigan. This includes most of my storage organizers. So, I thought for our DIY Thursday I would show some fun and creative ways to reuse some of those Moving Boxes.

1)      Cardboard sock, underwear, or bathing suit drawer organizer

I personally am not one to keep my clothing drawers organized, but if you like them so you can see each individual sock or underwear than this hack is for you.

Checkout This Blog For a More Detailed Look at Creating The dresser drawer organizer. She does an Amazing job at showing you each step to take. 

2)      Make triangle or hexagon shelving

You can set both designs on a dresser or hang them on the wall for extra storage. Use the triangle design for storing your scarves in or even your spaghetti strap shirts. Use the hexagon design for keeping keys, nail polish, jewelry, or other small items. Tip paint with spray paint for a quicker DIY or cover with fabric for a fun textured design.

Alright Y'all I am obessed with Nifty (Buzzfeed) love their content especially the DIY's they feature. Here is a link to their triangle organizer they made. 

3)      DIY Storage Bin

This one is super easy! Remove the top folding parts and add either fabric, washi tape, or twine to make a cute and decorative box for a temporary living arrangement. Great for storing toys, the crafts you could not live without, ect. Make sure the bottom is secured with tape so the box does not bust open on the bottom.

Wanted to share one more link to an amazing Blogger and her post about Upcycling your cardboard boxes. Her post shows several different ways you can decorate that box to make it go from $1.00 to $15+.

4)      Custom Folder

Cut the box along one side so it can open and lay completely flat. Then using one of the creases in the box as your center point measure out your sides. Cut and now you have a simple folder you can decorate and add a few pockets inserts to keep kids school work or other paperwork.

I personally love the hexagon design on the wall and have even done a DIY with popsicle sticks to create the same effect. It reminds me of the bee design theme or science and I am a bit of a nerd.

What idea will you DIY with your moving boxes? I would love to see a picture of how your DIY turns out on Instagram with #DIYThursdayLife.


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